What men like to do in free time

Australian SportsSport is a national passion in Australia. Summer is the season of sport around the country and the tennis tournament is held in this season. Below are favourite sports of men in Australia.


Australia’s football has four codes which might be a bit confusing. Depending on different states, this could mean rugby league, rugby union, Australian football league and soccer which is referred to as football by most Europeans. All these four codes call for a strong and loyal fan base. The codes are played the same season from March to September. When you see men leaping in shorts playing on a large arena with an oval ball, then you are watching Australian football. The Australian football league is the leading spectator sport developed in Melbourne and it is the most attended sporting league in the country. This sport is high in terms of popularity in Victoria. Perth, Brisbane and Sydney have also been passionate supporters of this sport.

National Rugby League abbreviated as NRL

This is a full contact ball sport which is deemed to be the third most popular sport in the country. The NRL is mostly played in the eastern states of Australia. Most of the sixteen teams which form the league are based in and around Sydney. The season starts in early March and it ends with a grand final on the first Sunday of October. The competition attracts large crowds and television audiences as well. There are also annual international games.
Wallabies is a rugby union in the country and each year, they compete with South Africa and New Zealand in tri nations series. The battle with New Zealand is refered to as Beldisole cup while games with South Africa are part of the Mandela Challenge Plate.
The first national soccer team of the country was formed in 1922. Today, the national team Socceroos has had several world cup behind it and this team is gaining a lot of success on the international platform. The Socceroos qualified for the 2010 world cup in South Africa and did not lose any match.


Every year in January, Australia being the headquarter, it hosts international tennis tournament in the lead up to the Australian open. Perths Hopman commences in with eight top ranking double teams usually compete for a tennis ball trophy that is covered in Kimberly diamonds. At Brisbane international, top male tennis stars usually warm up for the Australian open in the first week of January. Other tournaments are the French open, Wimbledon and Grand slam tournament.


Australians have been playing cricket for more than two hundred years. This is one of the most well known sports in the country. During summer, they play sports at barbecues, picnics, beaches and parks. The cricket team is one of the world’s leading teams with their trademark the baggy green caps. The team won the ICC world cup four times and this is the biggest cricket world records. The most famous match is the one day Boxing Day text that was held at Melbourne. Some of the heroes for cricket in the country are the Chappell brothers, Shane Warne, Ricky Ponting and Donald Bradman.
There are more than one thousand five hundred golf courses across Australia. Golf is known to be a leisure sport and there are both public and private courses. Some of the courses are championed designed with spectacular views. The best part of the course is that most are connected with luxurious resorts. These resorts provide a stay and play package. Some of the best resorts are located in southern Queensland. The best world class tennis stars are Adam Scott, Greg Norman, Karrie Webb and Geoff Ogilvy.


Playing golf is ideal as it serves as a physical exercise. Walking around gets the golfers heart pumping. It is a stimulating if not a rigorous activity. Since the game is so popular many men play it with when their better half surprise them with an awesome man gift the guys are just going to crazy to show off with their ultimate golf balls. People who play golf three to four times a week are getting a bit of workout. It also helps to improve concentration. Players need to learn how to focus on the shot. If they will be thinking of what to do that night or where to go for holiday, they will not be successful.
As seen above, those are some of the sports that men like to take part in or even watch.