Saturday dawned and I started to count down the hours. I couldn’t wait till 7:00pm when I would attend, not just my first A-League game, but my first ever local football fixture at Gosford. And it promised to be a beauty. The Central Coast Mariners versus Sydney FC.

One thing did seem amiss. During the night I had awoken to the sound of heavy rain a few times. The morning did still seem bleak and I knew for sure that there was no way the local cricket fixtures where going to go ahead. Come just after midday, the rain seemed to ease and all seemed well for the evening’s battle.

About 5:30 I made my way to the Central Coast Leagues club (just across from Bluetongue Stadium) the traditional pre-match venue for cheap beer before a game at the Stadium.

But around 6:40, rumours started to circulate that the game had been postponed. To confirm, I went to a part of the club that looks onto the stadium and sure enough, people were exiting the arena. It was too soggy for soccer as confirmed by some passers by. So what to do? A couple of friends from Sydney had just got in and they weren’t too keen on turning round just yet.

Easy. The beer was cheap and close by. We staggered back out into the rain around 10:00pm all the merrier. Sure we didn’t achieve our original objective but it still was a good night.