Power Balance scam hits the NRL

A most amusing piece in the paper on the weekend titled NRL to investigate the game’s latest craze. The ‘craze’ is the Power Balance band, a piece of plastic with a holographic disk, that can to improve balance, core strength and flexibility just by wearing it. It is all to do with bodily electro frequency vibes it seems.

The idea of the Power Balance has been pretty much and truly debunked.

You’d think that NRL clubs and players would had learned a collective lesson after the Firepower debacle.

No wonder the player agent who wants them banned did not want to reveal his name. If it was known that he is so gullible, clubs would love dealing with him.

As for the players themselves, beware when negotiating a new deal and the CEO says something like “Look, we’ll only give you $200,000 but with this application of a special holographic pen to the cheque it will appear as $300,000 in your bank account is you turn around three time in an anti-clockwise direction.” You may just want to think about it for a while. Too good to be true if often that.