Parental Quandary

Dear Sideliners, sorry, I have not posted much at all lately. Been too busy to even think about sport. But now I have a problem, that only you can solve.

Five loves AFL, more than can be said even in a lengthy blog post. Last year I forked out and signed my son up for Auskick. He was four at the time, and not much good at sport as both his parents are literati couch potato types (his mother’s footy obessions notwithstanding). He liked it, mostly, though less on cold days. The downside was a 45′ drive every Saturday morning and much juggling of weekend family life. The plus side was it gave him was an appreciation for the code, taught him some kicking and catching skills and meant I finally had someone to watch footy with. Also, football at this distant venue was warm and sunny.

Now it’s time to think about signing him up for sport again. The choices are Auskick, at a new venue a bit closer to home, or soccer/football, much closer to home but at a venue that will be cold and misty for much of winter. He said he would like to play closer to home, and that if he doesn’t like soccer he’ll return to footy next year. But I figure he’s going to get soccer at school (which he started this year) and fear that he will forget about my own cherished code. I also think that it’s good to learn hand skills (and, before you ask, rugby league or union are both out of the question).

So, the question for you at Sidelined is, do I force the issue? Or just look wistfully at the game every Saturday and wonder if I’ll ever have someone to play kick to kick with?

And will it be compensation enough to make the P&C invite the Auskick lady to come up and train the kids at school once in a blue moon?