NRL 2011 round 22 tips

Last week I agreed with Peter Peters. It was an unsettling moment that had me in a strange place. Until today when I read that he reckons Darren Lockyer is not worthy of being an “Immortal.” Peters can’t make that call. And neither can I. It is a decision that needs to be made outside of parochial concerns. While Lockyer’s status in the game will be based on his achievements in Origin and with the Broncos, to rank him along side other Queenslanders it wrong. His peers are those who he played the game with, and against, since 1995 regardless of where they reside.

I never saw most of the Immortals play other than Beetson (who I only vaguely remember) and Wally Lewis who I remember well. Does Lockyer deserve to be up their? Time will tell. But one thing is for sure. When the great players of the game are accounted for in decades time, Lockyer’s name will be among them when Peter Peters will have long faded into obscurity.

Tigers v Dragons, Friday 7:45pm, SFS

This games holds a lot of promise. The Dragons are faltering whilst the Tigers are, in fits and starts, starting to get a move on. But St Benny will have words, , space age words most likley, to get his team back on track. I’m loathe to pick either side but will stick with the Tigers.

Bulldogs v Cowboys, Friday 7:45pm, ANZ Stadium

The Cowboys are leaning how to win without JT which could make them one of the most dangerous teams in the comp when he returns. The Bulldogs’ hopes are fading. They’ll try but the Cowboys will get this one.

Storm v Panthers, Saturday 5:30pm, AAMI Stadium

The Panthers still have a change to make they eight but they must win this game. They may turn to Parra to see what to do (and not to do) to get the upper hand over the Storm. The trouble is that when Smith, Slater and Cronk set their minds to the task they are formidable. And that may be too much for the Panthers to overcome.

Sharks v Titans, Saturday 7:30pm, Toyota Park

The Sharks are suffering without Gallen so much that there is word that they will risk his season to play him thereby risking their season if his injury doesn’t hold up. The Titans will need to win sometime. This is as good as game as any.

Broncos v Warriors, Saturday 7:30pm, Suncorp Stadium

This should be one of the games of the round but parochial programming has consigned this game to the nothing time slot. The Warriors are lingering as a fair dinkum contender. This game will sort them out and I think anyone expecting a Brisbane win may be surprised.

Knights v Raiders, Sunday 2:00pm, Ausgrid Stadium

The Knights have the semis to play for. The Raiders, nothing really. The Knights should get home if they are serious for September.

Sea Eagles v Roosters, Sunday 3:00pm, Brookvale Oval

Almost a cock fight. Even though Manly lost and the Roosters have Carney I don’t think he can do a Benji. Manly at home are too good.

Bunsbuns v Eels, Monday 7:00pm, ANZ Stadium

The way the Eels are going they will be heard 22 nil with 5 minutes to go and end up losing 23-22 in extra time. But the tide must turn and the Eels will finally get that win they do deserve.

The Sure Thing: Manly

The Roughy: The Panthers